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5 Most Popular Credit Cards With Cash Back And Rewards Bonuses

Depending on how you spend on charge cards, credit cards with cash back bonuses could prove very rewarding. Many people today pay for almost everything with their charge cards simply because it’s fast and easy. If you use your credit card to pay for groceries, fuel and other frequent purchases, you could be missing out on substantial rewards by overlooking cash back bonuses.

Although credit cards with cash back bonuses used to be difficult to find or obtain, today they are readily available. Credit cards with cash back rewards can easily be found online, and you can even apply for and be approved for them via the Internet. You can check with top credit card companies to see what credit cards with cash back rewards they are currently offering, or look for a website that presents and compares today’s best credit card offers.

If you haven’t shopped for credit cards with cash back rewards recently, you’ll probably be amazed by the variety available today. You can choose among unsecured and secured or pre-paid credit cards with cash back rewards. Some of the most popular types of credit cards with cash back bonuses include:

” Cards that provide a “cash back” discount on each monthly statement

” Actual cash back that is dispersed by check at set amounts

” Cash back” discounts on certain types of purchases such as fuel or clothing

” Combination discount and cash back reward cards

” Cards that provide reward points for purchases which can be redeemed for cash back

The various types of credit cards with cash back rewards have advantages and disadvantages you should consider before making a choice. One important thing to consider is how quickly you will earn or accumulate and receive your bonuses. You will also want to consider not only credit cards’ cash back bonus benefits, but other features such as interest rates and annual fees.

Credit cards with cash back rewards sometimes carry higher than average interest rates, but they can still be a terrific deal. If you make a lot of purchases with such a card, but pay your balance in full every month, your interest rate is inconsequential. Similarly, a cash back card with a modest annual fee may be more than worthwhile if you earn more in rewards than the amount you pay to carry the card.

Bridging The Gap: How Invoice Finance Can Aid Your Cashflow

Career It’s hardly surprising that there’s such a big market for invoice finance for recruitment agencies – after all, according to one estimate, the average agency has to wait almost two months before being paid. Often, despite the greatest efforts of your credit control team, clients will drag their heels when it comes to making payments. That’s not a situation your agency should have to accept. After all, in theory, the process of being paid for your services should be a simple one. Once you have paid your contractor for their work, you should be able to swiftly collect payment from the client with which they were placed. So, where does it all go wrong? Given the typical difference in payment terms between the contractor and the client, it falls to your recruitment agency to use its own funds to bridge the gap. As a recruitment agency, you probably pay your contractors on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Yet, as we established above, agencies often can’t depend on their clients paying them so reliably. Why are recruitment agencies so often paid last? The answer is simple: because businesses can treat them that way. No recruitment agency wants to hassle clients about late payments for fear of damaging their relationships with them, thereby missing out on the repeat business on which they depend. Large businesses are especially bad at paying in a timely fashion – but much younger, smaller firms can be problematic as well. These are the businesses that often realise that it benefits their cash flow not to make payments straight away – because when such payments are delayed, they have the same effect as a short-term interest-free loan. Where TBOS Complete can help Late payments aren’t just inconvenient for recruitment agencies – they are an existential threat. Your agency is the middleman, caught in a cycle of having to pay your contractors and then wait for your clients to pay you. When there are a lot of contractors on your books or you have big growth ambitions for your recruitment agency, this situation just won’t do – you will have to increase how much you are advancing.

This helps to make clear the considerable importance of invoice finance for recruitment agencies – and why so many of those agencies appreciate the invoice finance set-up that we can provide as part of our TBOS Complete package. While we do not provide agencies with any funding ourselves as part of this model, we can help to manage your agency’s cash flow and if necessary, set up invoice finance arrangements that match your agency’s requirements. In the process, we draw upon our relationships with many different invoice finance providers to ensure that your agency receives the best possible quotation and service. Contact the TBOS office today to learn more about how we help to facilitate invoice finance for recruitment agencies through our highly regarded TBOS Complete plan.